White socks could be affected in the playoffs

White socks could be affected in the playoffs

The Chicago White Sox currently sit in the centerpiece of the American League, leading the Cleveland Indians to a nine-game lead. So the Bass Planks are fast moving towards participation in the playoffs.

But that’s where the bottom hurts. How will the air city delegates behave in October?

White Socks 28-33. There are over 500 playing teams. It didn’t improve on the last line against the Toronto Blue Jays.

In addition, Chicago has the same problem as before the New Yankees trade deadline – a shortage of good left-handed batsmen. The Bronx bombers then added Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo, while the White Sox did nothing on this scale.

It’s true that Illinois right-handed hitters have performed better this season, but will quickly become a problem in the playoffs, especially when engaging in relief games against their opponents. A team like Tampa Bay Rays can give them a lot of trouble in this area.

Receiver Yasmani Grantel’s return to the game will give manager Tony La Rusa a little more room, as he will have three amphibious hitters (Grantel, Jon Moncada and Caesar Hernandez) on hand. However, the left side of the plate is clearly not the strength of the granule, which does not solve the problem.

It’s true that playoffs are another season, but we have to admit that doubts are currently hanging over the white socks. It is theirs to calm them down.

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