Movies, video conferencing, football, social networking … Amazon Fire TV wants to do more

Movies, video conferencing, football, social networking ... Amazon Fire TV wants to do more

Amazon continues to increase its Fire TV service. Not content with counting all streaming sites and TV services, the interface is enriched with new entertainment applications, but also productivity.

Amazon is improving its user experience

Amazon Improves Its User Experience // Source: Amazon

This is not the only tool for watching Amazon Prime video. Amazon needs to get that message when it comes to its Fire TV devices. For months, American giants have been working hard to make everything more ergonomic, complete and diversified.

Also become its Fire TV Stick Keys (even Lite or 4K) or its Fire TV Cube Solutions, which are as easy to use as possible. Now there are almost all streaming services (Netflix, Disney +, Apple TV +, myCanal, Molotov, …), numerous applications and services. The interface has been updated for greater clarity and content discovery, and there are finally several profiles to adjust the app to suit the tastes of everyone in the family.

Tic Tac Toe and Salto are here

In the summer, new things were added. The Dictoc TV app is now available. To enjoy the contents of the social network you need to download it from the Amazon App Store of the interface. Users of Fire TV products also take advantage of the “Discover” feature, which allows them to discover new trends and content creators across different categories. This feature is available on Samsung smart TVs and Google / Android TVs.

Like the surprise and tidal wave after Football League 1, Salto is now coming to the brand’s multimedia players. The French site that wants to compete with Netflix needs an additional subscription, but add an application from the store to enjoy it easily. Alexa can also launch a voice service program from its Fire TV Stick / Lite / 4K or Fire TV Cube or related Echo device or Fire TV remote control. Exclusive button ..

Zoom is coming to the Fire TV cube

But Amazon does not want to enrich its entertainment offer. The Seattle company is amplifying the possibilities, knowing that its users spend more time at home, creating health conditions. For the past few weeks, Zoom has been accessible from the Fire TV cube.

Zoom is available on the Amazon Fire TV cube

Zoom Available on Amazon Fire TV Cube // Source: Amazon

Last year, video calls were already made from Amazon’s cubic box via Alexa to any other device compatible with Home Voice Assistant (and echo in your mind).

Now the device can support video conferencing with Zoom App. All you need is a 2nd generation Fire TV cube with the latest software update and a compatible webcam with a resolution of at least 720p / 30fps (connected to a micro USB-to-USB adapter). Note that Amazon does not recommend the 4K webcam.

Amazon provides a list of compatible webcams On his site. Then, link your zoom account and you can start video conferencing. Alexa may suggest a meeting to start an appointment if your calendar is attached or you ask him.

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