Lillard lets go to the area where he is the best of all time, Angry Shock?

NBA Dame pense être le meilleur rappeur NBA

One of the best players in the league, Damien Lillard, considers himself above the game in a particular area. He recently revealed it and it should surprise the world … including Shock O’Neill, who doesn’t like that statement!

It is not possible to follow the NBA for a few years without knowing the name of Damien Lillard. A genius score, the ability to draw from anywhere on the field, the Portland Point Guard has been one of the hallmarks of American basketball for the past decade. This is not the only joint victory that must be considered among the best guards in history.

However, when someone asks Dame Dola in which field he is the best in the league, her answer is regardless of barquet sites. Interviewed Complex messages, No.0 explained that he sees himself as the best rapper in the league. That’s it! He used the opportunity to add even that Shaquille O’Neill Although he has won in the past, he has not come close to his ankles:

Yes … without the slightest hesitation. Everyone is rapping now. Now it’s a different game. People always say, “Oh, there were some certified platinum albums in the sack.” (…) I didn’t look at it and say, “Oh, I did that.” Obviously I want to do the same, but if people listen to all of my songs, they will be like ‘Lady’s the best rapper ever’.

This should not please the big Diesel, who considers himself consistently above the game in this area. Shock just allowed NBA players to get rap, and managed to combine personal fame and production quality in his albums. We can consider him a pioneer!

Nevertheless, Lillard has persuaded everyone over the years to line up some very high-profile work and some solid collaborations. His new album, The conditions permitted by the Lord were different, Has also received excellent feedback since its release. LeBron James was also publicly praised for his work… And then, not everyone can kick an all-star game like Dame did.

Damien Lillard or Shaquille O’Neill? Whether on NBA floors or in rap studios, these are the best choices. What do you want to hear?

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