Here is a charging solution for those who put an electric car to sleep on the street

Borne recharge escamotable
Pullable charging station


The Belgian businessman, frustrated at not being able to connect his electric car, which was parked in the basement of his house, invented a very practical device.

If the idea of ​​running an extension wire through the window of your building sprouts in the minds of some electric motorists, it will quickly become an embarrassment to pedestrian users. This technique, is called “Yolocharging” On our annual April Fool’s Day, apparently not legal.

But, how to recharge his battery Electric car Where Plugin hybrid When she sleeps on the street? A Belgian businessman living in Hazelt has come up with a brilliant idea. Attached to his home, LUPYS Pollard looks a downward at first glance. At medium height, he extends an arm controlled by the smartphone app to allow the connection of his car without disturbing pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.

This application allows the hand to be tilted downwards to facilitate the processor. It is positioned horizontally at a distance of about 3 m from the ground. Its designer, Danny Wes, notes that his invention allows for a combination of different functions. For example, it can be used on an electric bicycle or integrated with a parking meter.


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