BrushTail Pettong reintroduced in South Australia

BrushTail Pettong reintroduced in South Australia

After more than a century, Bettong was reintroduced in South Australia with a brush tail called a small marsupial. This is an important first step in being part of a larger project aimed at reintroducing local species.

After more than a hundred years of extinction domestically, Brush Tail Pettons is back in South Australia. About 40 people have been re-introduced on the York Peninsula, according to the Australian Public Broadcaster website ABC.

There was a time when more than 60% of Australia’s mainland was occupied by brush tails. But with the introduction of predators such as foxes and cats, their populations have been wiped out. There were more than 225,000 pots [il y a quinze ans] Nationwide, they are now estimated to be between 10,000 and 20,000 in the wild in Australia. Dr. Liberty Olds, South Australia’s head of conservation, a charity that specializes in species conservation, explains easily:

Their size makes them the perfect food for these predators, but they also suffer from habitat loss.. ”

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Last week there were 28 women and 12 men


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