Video. Everything you need to know about Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci :

She is a James Bond girl

Monica Bellucci : Yes, I am a James Bond girl. It … it made a lot of noise because all of a sudden I was a 50 year old woman in the arms of James Bond younger than me.

Carbonara pasta has cream in it

Monica Bellucci : No … No, you should not put cream on carbonara pasta.

All the young people were watching her

Monica Bellucci : It continues today. It means I have to fight with my personality. Actually, I do a lot of work in exhibition and lighting, but the truth is that I also need a lot of shade to recharge my batteries.

On Google, she is just ahead of Monica Keller

Monica Bellucci : Am I in front of her? This is huge!

Brigitte Bardot is expensive

Monica Bellucci : I think when she made three films like “Insult”, “True” and “God Created Woman” she didn’t need much to show her amazing acting.

She loves quotes

Monica Bellucci : J ‘Love quotes? Yes, that’s true, I like quotes because you can say things in very few words and you can explain very deep ideas in three words.

She climbed the stairs with Morgan Freeman

Monica Bellucci : One moment I was so flexible, I thought I was going up the stairs, I was shaking yes. This is my first American film, and this is my first time in Cannes. Suddenly, it marked something very important in my cinematic career.

As a teenager, she watched three movies a day

Monica Bellucci : I loved watching movies and I believe a lot of my Italian and French cinema culture comes from it because in the afternoon I saw a lot of films and in the afternoon I found French and French directors.

She dreams of getting a normal guy

Monica Bellucci : In a movie, I dreamed of having a normal guy. The film was called “Ten Percent.” But what is a normal guy? Really? What is a normal guy? not that. Being natural and being normal can take many meanings.

She is ashamed

Monica Bellucci : Yes, that’s true. I am ashamed. I can make movies to heal myself.

She has been voted “the most beautiful woman in the world” many times.

Monica Bellucci : What is the most beautiful woman in the world? In fact, it does not mean much, the important thing is that there is beauty in the eyes of people who really love us. There is true love and there is false love. I, I want something real.

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