Trevor Story does not say no to cubs

Trevor Story does not say no to cubs

If there’s one player who doesn’t want to stay in Colorado, it’s Trevor Story. Convicted of leaving and joining a selection in the compensation draft, he no longer wanted to know anything about Colorado and did not know how the organization would manage its players.

Does he like the look? No. But what he still wants less of is not having a clear direction in the Rockies.

This means he can go to a place where he is on the right track, but it has not yet won. As long as there is a clear plan, a special place will win her heart.

And that’s where the cubs come in.

Ricky Field is very fond of Trevor Story and the kids are unlikely to look down on him. He can play in a special place for him.

But for that, the puppies have to show him that they are here to win, and they have to put the money on the table. These are important conditions.

At this point, why not sign Javier Base again? For that matter.

Remember that the Texas Rangers were at the center of rumors of a fight with the original Texan.

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