Relief for Afghanistan Paralympic athletes expelled to Australia

Relief for Afghanistan Paralympic athletes expelled to Australia


Great relief for the Afghan Paralympic athletes (including Zakia Kudatadi) who were able to escape their country as extremists, to Australia and Japan, and hope that they will come in time to take part in their competition ...
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Including about fifty Afghan Paralympic athletes Zakia Kudatadi, They left their country on Sunday night until Monday and were involved in an Australian government-led evacuation.

For many Afghan Paralympic athletes, such as Zakia Gudadati, the road to Tokyo was suddenly blocked when the Taliban came to power. Since the capture of Kabul and ten days before the end of commercial flights, he has seen his journey to Tokyo interrupted.

Like about fifty Afghan athletes, she was finally able to leave their country to join Australia. An emission mission carried out by the Australian government from Sunday to Monday brought them to Australia. If their days are no longer in danger, they would like to join Japan in honoring participation, but the countdown has begun because no quality bearer or athlete was able to march today at the opening ceremony.


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