Here is the largest coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef

Here is the largest coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef

Australian researchers have studied an exceptional coral for its size and age: Muka Thampi, whose name is said to be 421 and 438 years old in the native language!

Australian researchers have discovered the largest known specimen of the Great Barrier Reef. It is one of the largest coral reefs in the world, according to a study published on August 19, 2021.

Model measured at each angle

Surprisingly, some surveillance programs measure or estimate the size of coral colonies“, Note the authors of this new study. However, these creatures have been at the forefront for many years because in the absence of this natural work, exceptional specimens are not known. This is no longer the case with a coral. Ports It was observed by divers from the Australian island of Orpheus. “It is located on a reef slope, at a maximum depth of 7.4 m in a sandy habitat“, For two days, in March 2021, marine biologists measured every angle (maximum diameter, height, width). For this, they used a 50 meter tape measure!

Munga Thampi of the Great Barrier Reef

Measurements and observations led to many conclusions. The Ports Brown, “cream” and has a hemispherical shape. Its species is not clearly established: it may be a specimen Boritz Lutia Or from B. Lopada. The good news is: he’s fine. “More than 70% of live coral cover and small percentages of sponges, live coral reefs and macrolke“.

The measurements carried out were revealed Ports The Great Barrier Reef is the 6th largest known diameter and height. It is 5.3 meters high and 10.4 meters wide. As for his age, you can thank him for his size. Therefore, it is between 421 and 438 years old and is one of the oldest coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. “This predates European exploration and colonization of Australia“, […]


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