Health Pass in Cinema: What Impact on the French Box Office?

Health Pass in Cinema: What Impact on the French Box Office?

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Before the Grand Rex Cinema’s Great Hall closes on August 3, 2020 in Paris.

Cinema – Dark theaters try to attract as many people as possible, but the epidemic has decided differently. Since the introduction of Health Boss in French cinemas on July 14, the public is no longer there despite the release of successful films. Fast & Furious WhereCamelot.

Despite the dark weather and the urge for fans to go to the cinema, the theaters were not full. From the first week that Health Boss was introduced, the decline was the best of all the most anticipated films. “Camelot Bass was previewed before it was introduced and has received over 300,000 additions. But the next day, the film made three times less additions across France, ”he confirms Huff Post Charlene Patri-Piancarello, Deputy Marketing Director at CGR Cinemas. For the third week in a row, Alexander Aster’s film still has nearly 2 million additions.

“Fast and Furious” suffered the most

Apart from the major French publications, there was also high anticipation Fast and furious9. While previous films received the highest scores, the American blockbuster failed to reach even 2 million combinations. Fast and furious8 Close to 4 million combinations. “We lost 90% of our admissions on Wednesday following the release of the film, a drop of 60 to 70% in a week,” he explains. Huff Post Xavier Albert, Managing Director of Universal Pictures France. “This is one of the most affected films by Health Pass in France because it is usually viewed by a young audience. Fast & Furious”.

The launch on July 14 was satisfactory: “We were targeting 3 to 4 million additions, which is a very significant loss to the owner,” he says. But the distributors were unable to withdraw the film from the theaters in a timely manner: “I heard a message from our president at the Cannes Film Festival and unfortunately there was nothing we could do. Only you, as the parent can see what is going on. ” “Movies have to come out anyway. We have an average of one per week and we can’t keep them in stock.”

Attendance is 50 to 70% lower

Another highly anticipated film deceived the French box office. This Black widowDistributed by Disney and reached over 1.5 million hits in theaters for the fourth week in a row. According to Charlene Patri-Piancarello, the mid-summer is definitely a disappointing score for a publication that has reached “over 4 million additions”. Picture Jungle Cruise, Which belongs to the big ear company, took nothing. In two weeks, only half a million people traveled for Twain Johnson and Emily Blunt.

Along with these films, there were also theaters that did not achieve the expected revenue. Summer is seldom conducive to big releases, but the reopening of theaters after the 3rd prison prompted distributors to put in theaters in June. “It’s a special summer because it’s not a good time for big French products like this OSS 117 And Camelot, They saved the box office “, explains Charlene Patri-Piancarello.

Despite the surprising recordings of French films compared to American blockbusters, theaters are still struggling to attract crowds. “In CGR theaters, we noticed a drop in attendance of about 70% in the first week that the health pass was imposed,” confirms CGR Cinemas’ Deputy Marketing Director. “After 4 weeks of health passes, we lose about 50% on good days compared to last summer.” It remains to be seen whether the public will gradually return to the accelerated vaccine and if distributors do not decide to postpone their releases for the next academic year.

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