PlayStation 5 recenze

Sony has secretly released a revision of the PlayStation 5. What changes does it bring?

Game consoles are often based on non-updated integrated hardware. During the life cycle of consoles, there will always be some renaissance, which is often associated with a reduction in size, or – like the previous generation – with the advent of a more powerful version of the console. However, the Japanese company Sony did not play by the rules known this time around.

PlayStation 5 Reviews
PlayStation 5 is subject to some changes

A digital console version model appeared in Australia PlayStation 5, Differs from the original variant in many respects. Another significant change is the type of screw that allows the PS5 stand to be mounted vertically on the console.

PS5 screws
New screw on left, old variant on right

It used to be a screwdriver to attach the stand and now you can use it without the console. The stand also changed as the bdp2007 user noticed on Twitter. At the same time, Sony gave the “new” PlayStation 5 about 300 grams of light, giving it the new code name CFI-1102A (the original model was called CFI-1000).

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, this may be a change in the internal layout of the PlayStation 5. It seems that Sony has not made any further changes to this version of the PS5 console, and it is not yet clear whether the new models will be in the Czech Republic in the future.

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