Office: The resumption of the reading series?

Office: The resumption of the reading series?

Discontinued in 2013 after 9 seasons, “Office” may return with more or less new episodes in the future.

According to Susan Rowner, NBC Universal’s Entertainment Director at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, the American channel NBC is available and is “ready” to rebroadcast the series to the envy of showrunner Greg Daniels. “Once Greg Daniels wants to restart, we’re ready,” he told the US site. Deadline.

Greg Daniels raised the opportunity to restart the series earlier this year, promising that no plans are currently being seriously considered. But he did not restart it Office Can see the light in the future. “No, that’s not possible. Of course. I would like to be involved in this project, but I am currently working on two series,” he told the US site. Collision Last January.

An adaptation of the titled British series by Ricky Kerwais, Office With the credits of Steve Carroll and Rain Wilson, Dunder Mifflin made NBC’s climax on streaming sites between 2005 and 2013 and today by dropping viewers into a false documentary about the daily lives of its employees. , John Krosinski, Jenna Fisher, Ed Helms or PJ Novak.

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