Oceania / Australia - Church: "Afghans' Concern and Reception"

Oceania / Australia – Church: “Afghans’ Concern and Reception”

Oceania / Australia – Church: “Afghans’ Concern and Reception”

SYDNEY (Agenzia Fides) – Deep concern and solidarity with the Afghan people: Archbishop Mark Benedict Coleridge, Archbishop of Brisbane and President of the Australian Conference of Bishops, said in a letter to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. In a letter to Agency Fights, Bishop Coleridge underscores that the government’s decision to welcome 3,000 Afghans in addition to the already 8,000 refugees is already an important commitment, but it certainly needs to be done. With the commitments of other humanitarian organizations and other countries, Bishop Coleridge offered to treat at least 17,000 additional Afghan citizens.
Archbishop Coleridge notes: “Australia has made great strides in the past in responding to major humanitarian crises: in light of this, I urge the government to be generous in this regard as well. It is our moral duty.
The President of the Conference of Bishops now devotes a special thought to those most vulnerable: “Women are at high risk and Australia must recognize and support their dignity and rights. Refuge in persecution or worse danger. Killed for their beliefs, values ​​and way of life.” (LF) (Agenzia) Fights 8/24/2021)

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