Fridge Comedy Club, Enjoy good food all around!

Fridge Comedy Club, Enjoy good food all around!

Discover the Fridge Comedy Club, located in the 2nd Palace of Paris. Castronomy, composition and humor are the artistic expression space that comes together for a unique moment!

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Created by Cave Adams in 2020, the Fridge Comedy Club is a real living place where we drink, eat well and laugh! After all these months closed, go to the Fridge Comedy Club for an entertaining show over a good meal and a delicious cocktail and kill with a single stone. With a crazy program and an updated summer menu by chef Ruben Sfes, the fridge is really there Where to stay. For a soothing evening or a snack, treat your taste buds and relax your zygomatics!

Castronomy and comedy are the perfect combination at the Fridge Comedy Club

Once through the door, you will find a cocktail bar run by mixer Celine Lopez and her team. They will give you more than ten different creative and exclusive cooking tips. The names of the cocktails bear the name of the American stand-up legend. So would you like to choose the spicy Jim Carrey or the alcohol-free Ellen DeGeneres? Next, go through the kitchens and open the mysterious door of the refrigerator to access the restaurant. The dishes, signed by chef Ruben Sfes, have roots in French cuisine but touch on Mediterranean inspiration.

A la carte, there are (or not) perfectly mastered dishes to share with friends. Interesting but high associations. In particular, you can enjoy a beef parquinan taco style, a couscous or guacamole fast sponge or spiced rice chips with fish. You can also treat yourself on the weekends, because the refrigerator also provides good food. For this, the standing space provides formulas with a show. On the generous French menu we find: pastries and bread, butter, jam, hot drinks and squeezed fruit juices. Choose scrambled eggs with a buttery snack of crispy summer tempura, chicken tacos or salmon and add to two hot dishes.

Once your stomach is full (or before eating, depending on the show time), head to the Fridge Comedy Room in the basement to work out your zygomatics! Famous comedians and new names of French stand-ups follow each other to give a good laugh not to be missed. The Fridge Comedy Club is the perfect place to spend a pleasant and fun night out, so check out the upcoming lineup Here And relax!

Le Fridge Comedy, 164 Rs Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris.
Open Tuesday through Saturday from 6pm to 2am.

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