China had a huge victory and the Mars Rover did wonders

चीन के हाथ लगी बड़ी सफलता,  मार्स रोवर ने कर दिया कमाल

New Delhi.

China’s Mars Rover has completed its exploration and detection operations as planned. China quoted the National Space Administration (CNSA) as having worked on the surface of Mars for 90 days, or about 92 days on Earth, until August 15, when all scientific payloads began to work on detection. . The CNSA added that the rover would continue to work on the border between ancient sea and ancient land in the southern part of Europe Planitia.

China is now the second country after the United States to operate a rover on the Red Planet. On May 15, Surang – named after the mythical fire god of China – touched its pre-selected landing area in the southern part of Utopia Planetia. China launched its Mars rover – Tianwen-1 – on July 23 last year. The spacecraft, with one orbiter, one lander and one rover, entered Mars’ parking orbit on February 24 this year.

The orbit is equipped with seven types of scientific instruments: two remote sensing cameras, a surface surveillance radar orbiting Mars, a Mars mineral spectrometer, a Mars magnetic scale, a neutral ion and neutral particle analyzer, and a Mars energy particle analyzer. The six-wheeled solar-powered rover looks like a 240kg blue butterfly, with a terrestrial camera, multispectral camera, Mars-rover subspace exploration radar, Mars surface compound detector, Mars magnetic field detection and Mars weather monitoring.

Tianwen-1 aims to map the morphological and geographical structure, explore surface soil features and water-ice distribution, analyze surface material composition, measure the ionosphere and classify the Martian climate and environment at the surface. The report says that is the internal structure of Mars.

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