Australia: Zero Govt strategy questioned

Australia: Zero Govt strategy questioned

In Australia, the zero govt strategy splits at the highest level. The Prime Minister of New South Wales considers this strategy “completely unreliable” in his own words. And she does not hesitate to say it.

“It’s not possible”, The host of Australia’s most populous state was confirmed during yesterday’s interview. Especially in this Victoria and Western Australia, it shows a different opinion from many of its counterparts to the question of this zero Govt strategy.

Gladys Periglian definitive: The delta variant nullified the ambition to be without covit. Above all, she believes the borders need to be reopened and that this move will result “Arrival of Cases”. Prime Minister Scott Morrison seems to be moving in his direction: he himself warned states and territories yesterday that the country should be prepared for more cases once it reopens. This is 70 to 80% of people after vaccination.

Random vaccine

Both are pursuing the same strategy: protecting the most vulnerable and admitting them to the hospital with severe cases and vaccinations.
Vaccine advancing at different speeds depending on the state: In Sydney and the state of New South Wales, the Prime Minister is targeting 70% of those receiving a double dose of 80% by the end of October. At the end of November.

In Sydney, imprisonment was extended until the end of September. Instead violent protests against control took place this Saturday, August 21 in Sydney and Melbourne. In early August, soldiers were stopped on the streets of Sydney to ensure compliance with this prison.

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