Planeta Jupiter transfer

Planetary Jupiter: Awesome video with a very rare event

Planetary Jupiter relocation

Jupiter has released an amazing video for all mankind, and it shows us a very rare phenomenon that has never been seen by many in the solar system. In particular, in the short video below, you see three “eclipses” with the three months that Jupiter currently has, and if the researchers’ current calculations are correct, something similar will only happen in 11 years.

Jupiter is the largest in our solar system, and some of you are already well aware of the magnitude of what happened last week. We are not talking about the eclipse in the truest sense of the word, because scientists call the rare event that happened to Jupiter “transit”, and for months Connieme, Europa and Callisto do unusual “dancing” near the surface.

Planetary Jupiter: Awesome video with a very rare event

Monday Planetary Jupiter Transfer

Jupiter usually has similar events every month, but they only include one of the 4 moons orbiting it, Gonimet, Io, Europa and Callisto. In the video above you can see all 4 months covering different parts of Jupiter, but three of them also have visible shadows on Earth, which is a very rare phenomenon, calculations that only happen in 11 years.

Jupiter is so large that any of these months can only cover a very small part of its surface, and what we see in the clip above is proof of its enormous size. Areas in Jupiter’s three months are certainly very large, but they appear to be small compared to the total size of the planet, but these phenomena are important and help scientists understand more about the bodies of the universe.

Jupiter has many mysteries that are far from being revealed, and records like these show us again what humanity rarely sees.

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