My America: Human Connection

These days it is common to hear musical productions that even participating musicians do not encounter. At most, we talk on the phone or exchange emails and then participate in a work where artists are often thousands of kilometers away from each other. Today, technology offers us possibilities that seem limitless.

This new reality will be useful in terms of production and marketing, but what about creativity? Of course, an artist can spend many months locked up in a studio. But shouldn’t we lose something by isolating ourselves and avoiding the conflict of opinion that exists in the form of the finest masterpieces? Think of the Beatles in the studio outdoing each other to come up with a new idea, a new color.

Music was a whole decade on a human scale in the 1970s. The Internet is not yet a part of our lives and music and music collaboration are the first links of this new music culture centered on art study and music on a human level.

Career-created works by groups of two musicians, Mario Legare and Breen Lefoff, share some of their experiences, which well illustrate the human connection in 1970s music.

– Michael Lalonde

The musical parts of this chapter are:

  • Snowflakes D. Jean McClellan
  • Cow! You, beautiful swallow From Lucaro
  • Beware of extreme love Michael Reward
  • The wolf d’Offenbach
  • Cursed engine Of October
  • The lament of Ste-Catherine Of the sisters in McCarthy

Mario Legare and Breen Lepoff talk about their 70s:

A radio mic

Interview with musician Mario Lagare

Photo: Radio-Canada

Imagine, I’m at home, I got a call from Michael Reward, […] He said to me: “Mario, I have a boyfriend, Maxim Le Forrestier, in Paris, and Maxim is helping me. We can have a show with you. Come with me, we’ll have a show!”

A quote:Mario Legery, founding member of the October group

Breen Lefoff, Quebec rock band Offenbach's fascist

Interview with Breen Lefoff

Photo: Radio-Canada

We go to an audition for Offenbach in a shed on Focher Street in Montreal. We’re getting there, Jerry says, “We’m going to jam some blues.” I, I say: “No, no, run your last two albums.” They leave this and I go to Doug’s house. […] Offenbach meets, Journey sees Johnny, he’s fine, You are, That’s it, they didn’t even talk, it was: “Yeah, we have something new Band“.

A quote:Breen Lepoff, former bassist and singer of the Offenbach Band
Portal of the Cultural Workshop.

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