MLP – Baseball: 500th CC for Miguel Cabrera in victory over Jays

MLP - Baseball: 500th CC for Miguel Cabrera in victory over Jays

Miguel Caprera scored the 500th homer of his career for the Detroit Tigers 5-3 in 11 innings against the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday. He was the first person to reach this plateau in 2015 after David Artis.

Senior Slacker became the 28th player in history to perform this feat. He is also the ninth player in history to maintain a batting average of over 300. Cabrera was the first player in the history of the Tigers to achieve a team uniform. He was also the first Venezuelan player to reach this goal. Caprera also had just 45 wins from 3000 points.

Miguel Caprera to pour 500e circuit!

Cabrera Homeroom Sixth place Jayce took a 1-0 lead. Toronto took the lead in the eighth inning with a single from Lourdes Curiel Jr.

Both teams exchanged good sacrificial balls at the 10th point. In Year 11, the Tigers used the duo of Das Cameron and Willie Castro to take the lead in closing Matt’s books.

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