“Key Kiwi” Release Version and Date Adjustment Notice-Kiwi-Game Reactor

"Key Kiwi" Release Version and Date Adjustment Notice-Kiwi-Game Reactor

GameSource Entertainment “Kiwi” was originally scheduled to launch on August 31st, after contact with the factory, the PlayStation 4® and PlayStation 5® box versions will be postponed to September 14th. The physical version of the Nintendo Switch ™ and the digital version of the PS4 / PS5 / NS will launch as usual on August 31st. We apologize for the inconvenience!

List of release dates for each edition

Release dates for the various editions of “Key Kiwi” are now listed:

  • PlayStation 4 Box Edition: September 14, 2021
  • PlayStation 4 Digital Edition: August 31, 2021
  • PlayStation 5 Box Edition: September 14, 2021
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: August 31, 2021
  • Nintendo Switch Box Edition: August 31, 2021
  • Nintendo Switch Digital Edition: August 31, 2021

PS5 / PS4 / NS “Key Veer (Kiwi)” Release Date PV (Chinese Version) Check it out here.

Pre-order bonus information

Players who pre-order “KeyWe” at major stores will now have the opportunity to receive a pre-order bonus – “Early Bird Pack”, which includes additional game content:

Test Post Pack (Back Equipment) – The design idea comes from “Belby University”. It is the miracle of modern engineering and has many benefits! When Jeff and Debra carry this interesting gadget on their backs, they will open new targets to test mysterious functions, such as looking for electromagnetic interference, collecting static electricity or waiting for the magical effect of reducing hunger, of course, but must do their postal duties!

Juni Baby Octopus (rear equipment) -Juni, the precious pink baby octopus, she loves to stay on the back of Jeff and Debra, to do postal work with them. This ensures that no ink stains on the envelope.

Crane Mask (head equipment) -Crane distribution team is known for speed, endurance and stability, but their care skills are not excellent. With this wearable mask, you can disguise yourself as one of them.

Buck’s bush beard (head gear) – Buckham, the head of the telecommunications station, is the boss of Jeff and Debra. He is an accessible postal worker with many years of experience and elegant beard. It also has a good sense of humor, so he will appreciate the use of beard, mustache, hats, headphones and glasses to reflect his iconic look.

Nintendo Switch Edition Exclusive Content

In addition, the Nintendo Switch version of “Key Veer (Kiwi)” exclusive “Lavender Night” and “Amber Night” will bring decorative accessories, players and post offices to the medieval era. Equip Jeff and Debra with dazzling helmets and majestic shields, and challenge “Telepost” to win the honor of “Bungalow Basin”.

Features of the PlayStation 5 Edition

The PlayStation 5 version supports the dualSense wireless controller’s “haptic feedback” and “adaptation trigger” technologies, allowing players to immerse themselves further into the world of the “bungalow basin” and feel the tension when the slingshot is tightened. The “bubble paper” sounds sweet, and Jeff and Debra’s little foot wandering around Mef’s room.


Stoneweight & Sons Animator-Joel Davis (Joel Davis) said: “We have been trying to create hot and lively games for family and friends to laugh and have fun together. We can’t wait to welcome you. “

In addition, Salt Out’s senior production manager Katie Clark added: “Kiev is a very beautiful game, very suitable for playing with friends and others. We are very proud of the entire Stoneweight & Sons team. I hope the players can find something special in the game like we do on SoldOut.

Game Features

  • Post Office Confusion: Incarnate as a kiwi working in the post office and cooperate with a friend to send telegrams, send emergency messages and send packages so that letters flow smoothly.
  • Beautiful and busy collaboration: play with friends on the couch or find a partner online!
  • Single player games are so cute: Use the single controller to control two kiwi birds and embark on a single player mail adventure.
  • Postal crisis
  • Stupid Accidents That Change With The Seasons: Deal With Various Seasonal Disasters Like Winter Blizzards And Autumn Thunderstorms And Become A Post Master In All Ways.
  • Decorate the kiwi as you like: Choose the color of the kiwi feather you like and open new accessories, because the kiwi with a mini hat is so cute!

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