CloudFlare has found 17.2 million requests per second


In the early summer of 2021CloudFlareThere were 17.2 million requests per second against the DDos attack. According to CloudFlare, it is three times bigger than any attack received in the past, accounting for 68% of legal HTTP traffic during the same period.

CloudFlare defeated the 17.2M rps DDoS attack – the largest ever reported

According to Cloudflare, the attack was automatically detected and reduced by an autonomous margin DDoS security system. CloudFlare processed more than 25 million regular HTTP requests per second on average in the second quarter of 2021, accounting for 68% of the 17.2 million requests per second in this attack.

The attack took place in 2016Unprecedented 1 DPTPS (1 terabyte per second) DTOS attackThe popular Mirai Botnet was a customer target in the financial sector using CloudFlare. Attack traffic appeared from more than 20,000 bots in 125 countries around the world.

In addition, 17.2 million requests per second to Cloudflare is said to be the largest DDoS attack so far, but in fact 8 million requests per second seems to have been hit several weeks ago. The peak bit rate of the attack is about 1.2 Tbps, which is beyond the 1 Tbps introduced by the Mirai botnet in 2016. The attack targeted hosting providers and sports companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to Cloudflare, L3 / L4 (3rd / 4th tier) DDoS attacks Mirai botnets are expected to increase by 71% by the end of August 2021, while L7 (7th tier) DDoS attacks Mirai and other botnets. 185% by the end of August 2021, indicating “automatic, always in need of protection”.

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It turns out that the hacker arrested for creating the “Mirai” malware that caused the “unprecedented” DDoS attack is collaborating with the FBI – GIGAZINE.

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“Six months of social service activities” ordered for criminals who earned more than 60 million yen by operating the DDoS attack contract service – Kikasin

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