Action thriller ‘Hostage: Missing Celebrities’ tops weekend box office

Le thriller d'action «Hostage: Missing Celebrity» en tête du box-office du week-end - 1

SEOUL, Aug. 23 (YonHop) – The South Korean action thriller “Hostage: Missing Celebrity” topped the local weekend box office in its first week of release, according to The Film Council. Korean (KFC)

According to data, the film about kidnapping with star Hwang Jung-min in the period from Friday to Saturday recorded 454,000 additions, bringing the total to more than 638,000 since it was released last Wednesday.

The devastating comedy “Singhole” sold 326,000 tickets over the weekend and was pushed to second place. It recorded 1.65 million viewers over the second weekend.

The film “Escape from Mogadishu”, based on the true story of South Korean and North Korean diplomats in Somalia, sold 222,000 seats this weekend, grossing over 2.78 million.

Knight Shyamalan’s latest thriller “Old” came in fourth with 51,000 additions, followed by the American adventure film “Free Guy” with 35,000.

In addition, a total of 1.16 million people visited the theaters during the three-day period, which marks the second highest score on weekends after the fourth wave of the Covid 19 epidemic this summer. Especially thanks for the Korean pictures.

The exceptional performances of “Singhole” and “Escape from Mogadishu” recorded over 1.22 million movie views last weekend.

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