SpaceX: Elon Musk’s Starling Satellites Real Threats in Space?

SpaceX: Elon Musk's Starling Satellites Real Threats in Space?

This is worrying information. The Starling galaxy, placed in orbit by Elon Muskin’s company, SpaceX, is particularly troubling, as space in mid-August resembles a holiday highway. With more than 1,700 satellites, the project has the commendable goal of bringing high-speed Internet to all corners of the planet. It is true that by increasing the number of machines above our heads, the risk of collision increases. Also, Elon Muskin seems to be the real drivers of the machines, Which cites several scientific sources, which are involved in almost half of the warnings.

The millionaire’s machines, each week, engage in nearly 1,600 “close encounters” with other satellites, i.e. crossings over a kilometer away. “I read Starling’s first publication, Hugh Lewis, director of the U.S. Director of Space Research at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. [une base de donnĂ©es qui permet d’anticiper les risques de collision, ndlr] Has doubled, and Starling is involved in more than half of them. “

Danger of debris

For now, if no real confrontation had taken place, Starling would have already had to do avoidable maneuvers when the risk increased. In fact, the SpaceX program, in the long run, will launch 12,000 first-generation satellites into space, which now provide details of almost twice the total number of satellites orbiting the Earth. Club. In the future, Elon Musk’s company may be involved in almost 90% of the risk of conflict.

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The problem goes beyond even the business of the strange millionaire. The development of satellites in space orbit is one of the major security challenges in the future. Although OneWeb has sent 32 additional devices into the sky, Amazon can deploy more than 3,000 and the U.S. military network can rely on several thousand satellites in the future, the risk of collision is not so significant. These accidents create a huge amount of rubbish, they are sources of conflict and it is a real headache once we know that they cannot get out of their way.

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