Schedule – Abroad – Austria does not welcome Afghan refugees

Schedule - Abroad - Austria does not welcome Afghan refugees

Austrian Conservative President Sebastian Kurz opposes it AfghanistanThe details were made public in an interview with Pulse 24 on Sunday by a politician seeking more refugees from Austria as the Taliban take control of the Central Asian country.

Austria 2015 and 2016 are European countries Migration crisis At the time, more than one percent of its population was seeking asylum seekers. Kurz made his living in the fierce campaign against immigration and has won all parliamentary elections since 2017, recalls in a Reuters interview.

Kurz said coming to Austria should not be an option when the European Union is wondering what to do with Afghanistan, which has helped his work for the past twenty years.

I am clearly opposed to accepting more people voluntarily now, and this will not happen during my time at the Chancellor.

Kurz said in an interview.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) data for 2020, there are more than 40,000 Afghan refugees in Austria, and 148,000 in Europe, next to Germany. Austria has a population nine times smaller than Germany. Austria is a neutral country and not a member of NATO. He only sent a few soldiers AfghanistanAccording to the Pa NATO website, he commanded 16 soldiers as part of a campaign to provide firm support for training and advising Afghan security forces, Reuters recalled.

Kurs said of the Afghans leaving their homeland:

It is not my opinion that we should accommodate more people. Rather.

He hoped that people leaving Afghanistan would stay in the region. Neighboring countries Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan receive only 14 and 13 Afghan refugees, respectively, according to figures released by UNHCR. MTI reported.

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