Plug Power expands its admin to support its growth

Plug Power expands its admin to support its growth

The US company that specializes in the development of hydrogen fuel cells has announced the appointment of four new CEOs to strengthen its growing agility.

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As one of the leading suppliers of ready-made hydrogen solutions Customers like Amazon, BMW, The Southern Company, Carrefour and WalmartPlug Power restructures its top management by appointing four general managers. Plug Power works closely with CEO Andy Marsh. Ole Hoffelman, Jose Luis Crespo, Keith Schmidt and Sanjay Shrestha will lead the separate business division To prepare the business for its clean energy solutions and to meet the growing need of the business It is expected to generate $ 750 million in revenue by 2022.

Ole Hoffelmann, with more than 30 years of hydrogen experience, will lead Electrolyzer Solutions business unit, He and his team will lead the strategy and sales development for electrolyzer solutions. Jose Luis Crespo, who has been a director at Plug Power for 7 years, will lead his role Material Handling Solutions Business Unit, Works to help the company’s customers achieve their sustainable development aspirations.

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Gait Schmidt will lead, with more than 30 years of experience in the fields of industrial power systems Motion and Fixed Power Solutions Business Unit and R&D / Product Development Division. In particular, he will be responsible for road utility vehicles, large-scale fixed systems and the opening of a new Plug Power Innovation Center by the end of the year. As for Sanjay Srestha, who has been the Strategic Director at Plug Power since 2019, he will lead A fourth business unit called Energy Solutions. The goal is to create the first green hydrogen production network across the United States with the goal of producing 500 tons of green hydrogen per day by 2025.

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Every business unit is an essential element in building and supporting our goals The keys to the green hydrogen supply that are accessible to a large number of customers. [Or,] We need a scalable corporate plan that will allow the company to grow rapidly in many markets and geographical areas. “Justify Andy Marsh. Plug Power plans to build five green hydrogen plants, some of which will be operational by 2022 in North America.. Participate in the challenges of reducing the cost of fuel cell technology.

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