Ignoring the discount, Raphael Dolis takes the path to the buffalo

Ignoring the discount, Raphael Dolis takes the path to the buffalo

A few days ago, Blue Jays realized that Raphael Dollis was enough for them. The latter was the DFA (appointed for the job) and therefore left the club’s list of 40 players.

When a player is DFA, he is released, or traded, or claimed for a discount or sent to minors. In Dolis’ case, he was ignored at the discount, but Jayce has not severed ties with him since he was sent to the AAA.

Dolis, who has been in Toronto for two years, spent most of his time with Jayce, who plays buffalo. So he goes back to the facilities he knows, but within the framework of small leagues.

Jay has no choice but to act. After all, even though he wasn’t naughty in 2020, it was tough in 2021. He constantly embarrassed himself and could not be more spontaneous.

Charlie Montoya had no choice but to use it sometimes, it was always painful.

Take yesterday’s game. If the heir had stumbled, he would not have hoped to send him to Montoya if he had been found, which, though he had no other choice. Sending him to AAA is the right thing to do.

Relief aid should come through Thomas Hatch and Nate Pearson. The latter will start tomorrow in Buffalo, after which the next phase of activities will be decided.

Until then, the next generation must stop Scraper Improvements.

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