Covid: Sydney jail has been extended until the end of September

Kovit: New record of pollution in Australia

Manon c. Updated August 9, 2021 at 9:36 AM Released August 20, 2021 at 9:36 am.

The health situation in Australia continues to deteriorate. Sydney, Melbourne, New South Wales and the state of Victoria, but the capital Canberra is now being rebuilt to control the epidemic, and the country is setting new pollution records. Sydney’s jail term has been extended until the end of September.

The Health condition It seemed to improve Australia Finally goes back in the opposite direction with a sharp increase Contaminants To Govt. Questionable, now infamous and highly contagious Contrasting delta.

On August 14, the count New dirty It reached its peak from the beginningWidespread contagious disease With 466 new pollutants in the country, in the state of New South Wales and especially in its main city, Sydney, Though new Imprisonment Recorded in the metropolis for six weeks. “Today has been a very frustrating day for us since the outbreak beganSaid Gladys Perezglian, First Minister of the State of New South Wales.

After control operations around Sydney, Melbourne, The second largest city in the country, and then a new and sixth (!) Residents experienced a similar fateState of Victoria. Since then, capital Canberra Came in addition to limited cities. It’s over now Half of the citizens Country, one 10 million, Which is subject to a new regulation.

The Government Also, the screw was tightened to try to brake Spreading Infectious. People do not agree Restrictions Is responsible Severe fines. Police patrols and checkpoints have been strengthened, while hundreds of soldiers are responsible for ensuring compliance with control.

This Friday August 20th, the Australian authorities Announced that Imprisonment Started two months ago Sydney, Now registers more than that 600 new daily pollution, Is going to be Extended by one month, until the end of September. One with this imprisonment Night curfew Only one hour per day is allowed to practice physical activities outside.

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