Australia threatens New Zealand!


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The situation between the Australian and New Zealand federations is escalating. This Friday, the NZR (New Zealand Federation) announced its withdrawal from the Rugby Championship. A decision that Australians have not yet learned and made Dave Rennie’s Black Anger. Now, Andy Marinos, president of the Australian Federation, wants written evidence.

Originally scheduled for August 21, it was later postponed to August 28 at the request of the black dress, with a third match between All Blacks and Wallabies set to play in Australia on September 4. Either in Perth, as planned, or in another part of the country. Andy Marinos is seeking proof of written involvement from the NZR Five million dollars will be refunded if New Zealand cancel the match again.

I like it literally. We have an email, but we need a letter from the government, Andy Marinos or the Sydney Morning Herald. This should happen very soon. I made it clear to New Zealand that we had a contract and they made a promise.

Marinos loves duties

The President of the Australian Federation wants written assurances from his New Zealand counterpart. According to Andy Marinos, the match could be played on September 4 and the NZR will have to pay back five million dollars if it cancels its engagement.

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