Afghanistan kills bin Laden, naval logo: “Anger and tragedy”

Afghanistan kills bin Laden, naval logo: "Anger and tragedy"

Looking at the pictures of the US expulsion from Kabul “I felt very angry and very sad. Clearly this story was conducted with indirect political decisions rather than in a political and real way. We could always review the pictures but the result was always the same: we had to leave in 2005. May 2, This was stated in an interview with the ‘Journal to Dimanche’ by Robert O’Neill, the former naval seal that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011.

“Our initial goal is to defeat Al Qaeda and take Osama bin Laden. So we must leave later. Stop completely. It is a shame to see such a catastrophe. I especially feel sorry for those who died there,” he explains in an interview with a French newspaper last Tuesday.

To the former naval seal, the United States did not lose anyway. “We have won all the wars and killed bin Laden. But the Taliban are making a legend. After the British and the Russians, the Americans must liberate them, they do not need to fight.”

In 2005, O’Neill explained, “We would have been stationed outside Afghanistan and had enough time to get air support. It would have been enough to secure the Bakram base outside Kabul. We have seen them cross the border because we have eliminated the terrorists. Had to drop some bombs.We finished the job in 2011.

Defeating Al Qaeda, O’Neill points out, “I repeat that this is our road map. The Afghans do not want to know less about this nation-building story and the Taliban. They say no to democracy. Our phones say yes.” Have suffered, and apparently they are unworthy of it. Now we will give up everything, our material, our weapons, our light armored vehicles, our helicopters. “

What is happening today, the former naval seal adds, “is pathetic. It is worth killing bin Laden, who tried to destroy Al Qaeda, but did not leave such a vacuum to be filled by the Islamic State as soon as the Taliban claimed responsibility. Dash will do just that. Not surprising. “Everyone on the ground will tell you the same thing. The Taliban will laugh heartily. Above all, ‘You Americans have watches, we have them all the time. They know they’ re going. Victory, it’s a fact.”

O’Neill, a supporter of former US President Donald Trump, said “Biden did not listen to the Pentagon’s arguments.” A version that Biden denied in an interview on TV last Thursday. “I do not like the image of America itself. It is really an example of bad leadership.”

According to the former Navy SEAL, “Trump would have done it any other way.” “This is not only a disaster for Afghanistan, it’s a disaster for the future of US foreign policy. Returning to his determination in Afghanistan, O’Neill said, “What we have achieved in Afghanistan is great. I do not know of any assassins in the U.S. military, but I know only those who have done their duty because we are ‘good’ in this store.” They are bad. We are not disappointed. “

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