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Science: Science and Technology:

The human brain can predict the future by listening to songs, melodies and words. This conclusion was reached by a team of scientists from universities in Denmark, Great Britain and Canada. Reports Naked science version.

According to experts, when a piece of music breaks down in a certain way, the brain begins to feel as if it has finished thinking about it.

Thus, according to scientists, a person tries to predict the future. The brain demonstrates similar characteristics when thinking of phrases spoken to a person.

More than 70 people, divided into groups, were involved in the study. The first part Bach heard. They were allowed to rewind the melody and paused at any moment. The second group listened to the same melodies and gave a rating after finishing them in high entropic notes.

According to the research results, the first group memorized parts well and the second group fully realized the songs.

Former Scientists at Georgetown University Medical Center (USA) Denied The popular notion that mental capacity deteriorates with age. In fact, two major brain functions related to the ability to process new information may improve in the elderly.

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