Russia claims to have launched a warning attack on a British ship, London denies

Russia claims to have launched a warning attack on a British ship, London denies

Moscow assures us that the British destroyer has entered its maritime borders Crimea Connected. London triggers an “innocent path” in Ukrainian waters.

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Tensions exist between London and Moscow. On Wednesday, June 23, Russia claimed to have fired warning shots against a British ship in the Black Sea, which, according to Moscow, entered its territorial waters from annexed Crimea. The incident was subsequently denied by the British Ministry of Defense, which assures its party that its destroyer is acting. “Innocent Path” In Ukrainian waters. No warning was issued HMS Defender, Adds the British Ministry.

According to the Russian version, the British destroyer HMS Defender A Wednesday outside of Crimea, a peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014 and a “Warning that weapons will be used if Russian borders are violated”. There is the British ship “Did not respond to alert”According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, a “Border Patrol Ship” So is the Russian language “The shooting took place” And a flight was made “Precautionary bombing in the path of the destroyer”. “L ‘Say bombs were dropped in its path. “ False, for its part, was declared by the British Ministry of Defense.

Moscow has announced that it is summoning the British ambassador to Russia and has asked London to investigate “Dangerous Actions” Destroyer of him in the Black Sea. Moscow raises “Blatant Violation of the United Nations Conference”, Call to England “To conduct a thorough investigation”. A few hours before these events, President Vladimir Putin reiterated that his country “I am concerned about NATO’s military capabilities and the continued strengthening of infrastructure near the Russian border.”.

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