Plusieurs milliers de manifestants ont défilé sous la pluie en tenant des pancartes proclamant «Non aux talibans» et «Paix en Afghanistan».

March in support of the Afghan people in London and Glasgow

“Protect Afghan women” protesters’ placards, Afghan flags on their hands or their faces painted.

Thousands of people protested in London on Saturday in support of the Afghan people, while evacuation efforts continued with difficulty after the Taliban captured Kabul.

In the center of the British capital, several thousand protesters marched in the rain.Not for the Taliban“And”Peace in Afghanistan“Amid waves of Afghan flags, the AFP video journalist noted.”Protect Afghan womenProtesters’ signs can be read on Afghan flags or painted on their faces.

Tens of thousands of protesters marched in the rain.Not for the Taliban“And”Peace in Afghanistan. Tolka Akmen / AFP

Another rally was held in Glasgow, Scotland, gathering 150 people, according to the BBC. “Despite the dire situation in Afghanistan (and there is one thing to be sad about), I am comforted by the Glasgow people on the streets, regardless of the weather.“, Freedom Party deputy tweet SNP Hamza Yousuf, a message with a photo of protesters in the rain.

Since the Taliban came to power, the British government has been the target of criticism for its poor organization of evictions of its civilians and Afghans. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday assured that the government is working.Difficult“Exit”As many people as possible.

He renewed his confidence in his foreign minister, Dominic Robb, accusing him of not contacting his Afghan counterpart. According to the Daily Mail, Mr Rob did not speak to other foreign ministers until Sunday, when the Afghan capital fell to rebels because he was on holiday in Crete.

Dominic Robb, who returned to the United Kingdom on Monday, confirmed himself on Friday.The entire government worked tirelessly last week to help as many people as possible to get out of Afghanistan.

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