LeBron sends a great message to Damien Lillard!

Damian Lillard et LeBron James à l’issue du match NBA opposant les Portland Trail Blazers aux Los Angeles Lakers

A key target for all competitions in the big league, Damien Lillard finds himself in every possible business situation. And LeBron James’ last exit shouldn’t change things … it really addressed a big message to many All-Stars!

Although he has been cited for several weeks in exchange rumors, Damien Lillard is currently the owner of Trail Blazers. This has not changed with the opening of the free agency, a good number of owners have found the right fit. However, we are still far from the trading deadline and anything can happen!

Therefore, it is not surprising that every trip of Rip City’s lead score is explained in all directions, with visitors looking to gather every piece of information. This is what happened when Dame Dola’s last rap album was released, The conditions permitted by the Lord were different. For many, The leader would have missed a hint about his future

However, on the side of his colleagues, we do not ask ourselves such questions. They like to enjoy the most popular Oakland Native music in the league. It is no coincidence that he hosted the All-Star Game Concert in 2020. Also, the new album is still going well LeBron James In his Instagram story he sent the following message to Lillard:

Respect to you my brother! Keep it up!

Some will certainly see it as an attempt to recruit a leader from Portland, but now it seems impossible, the Lakers won Russell Westbrook In place. In fact, the king would have appreciated Damin’s flow, and we can understand that!

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Now Lillard can focus 100% on the upcoming season because his off-field plan is a success. This is in the best interest of the Blazers, as their franchise player must be in excellent shape to gain any confidence in 2021-22. At the risk of being disappointed again, the player may well fall in this case …

One thing is for sure, LeBron James wants Damien Lillard’s last job. As a priority, he should not be the only athlete to appreciate The conditions permitted by the Lord were different !

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