I answered these 9 questions about how much you know about the earth

I answered these 9 questions about how much you know about the earth

Despite the theme of Climate change Occupies a worrying place on the world agenda, we know we should all be more concerned about what is happening Environmental maintenance. The first step is to keep in mind where we are, what galaxies we belong to, and what not natural resources We have and it is our responsibility to protect.

To focus on the problem, we propose this Trivial Reviews the basic concepts we learn in school, but Add some data We have to get used to it. Talking about our planet is a first step because the world population is constantly increasing Water Increasingly scarce resources and Pollution The seas are a reality.

Many will respond correctly and share the answers with the family, which is already a plus. The children They are very good at these subjects and usually they teach us a lot. Planet Earth is everyone’s place, and although it is sometimes difficult to put energy into everyone’s problem, every single action counts for the well-being of millions.

If you can’t see the little things, click here.

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