Hctuan, Linca, Joyca and Mastu released their studio in Le Loat

Studio Loat Mastu (capture d

On the wall behind the sofa is a cat of the park at the Tory gate to mark Japan. This universe was designed by Vivisama.
The Mastu logo is embedded in the coffee table in the relaxation area.
The YouTube Nintendo Switch can be played on a large flat screen TV. The PlayStation 5 is coming soon, embedded in the logo controllers.
Next to the sofa is a shelf with switch games and a One Piece manga. A poster about the manga will be in the studio, with a bonus indicating the number of YouTube subscribers (which is over 3 million).

On the side wall is a sign in Japanese ideograms, meaning “King of the Pirates”. One Piece New Note … Flashing Identifier can change color using a simple mobile application. Mastu’s studio is also equipped with Philips Hue lamps, which allow you to control the intensity and color of the lights.
Under the sign is a statue of My Hero Academy, one of Mastu’s favorite anime. Next to him are shoes on turntables in plexiglass jars. A video with Joyka should feature the Jordan Yorks winning pair.
A mandarin tree decorates the studio decor and adds greenery and freshness to the room. The bamboo relaxation page separates the TV and studio from Mastu’s PC.

On the studio page, we see Mastu’s YouTube cups hanging on the wall. The mini fridge and aquarium complete the decoration of the YouTube studio in the local of all time. However Mastu worries that he will not always be able to take care of the fish.

At the back of the room is the One Piece logo of Mastu with ripples in the lower corners.

Mastu’s system was reviewed with the IT dealer. There is a lamp on the ceiling for lighting and is customized to create desk sitting and videos.
2 cameras will capture YouTuber for his blogs and live on Twitz.
In its system there is a PC with 3 screens.

Mastu wants to break the boredom on YouTube, with his new studio. A big improvement since starting from his room.

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