Gundar, a Canadian film starring Mobius


Mobius regularly interfered with the general appearance of costumes or characters, usually in movies, mainly graphic design and other storyboards. For example, we owe him the appearance of foreigners Space Jam, Or some contributions Alien, the eighth passenger (1979) Ritzley Scott, with Hans Rudy Kigger.

His drawings were also originally some animated films Masters of Time (1982), signed by director Rene Lallux Wild planet In 1973.

Like worship now Hill By Alejandro Jodorovsky, who never saw the light, Mobius took part in another film that was eventually stopped: குண்டார்.

Canadian director and screenwriter Max Fisher planned to direct குண்டார், Whose primary scene was triggered ” An apocalyptic film »The storyboard artist who collaborated with Mobius on the project, according to Sylvain Desperates. All that remains today of this possible image are the sketches of Desperate and Mobius for a few ideas made in the mid-1990s.

Jean [Giraud, alias Moebius] During that time I often worked together », Sylvain explains the explanation. ” I was an assistant and these maps were signed with his name because he sells [aux producteurs] His style and expertise. In a duo, two artists create sketches: Desperate creates a sketch, then finalizes and paints by Mobius.

Discovered by Heavy metal, The American equivalent Scream metalThe maps represent a real investment, but the picture never sees the light. Sylvain Desperates, for her part, leads an exemplary career in the field of storyboarding and has worked remarkably well Gladiator (2001) de Ridley Scott, Fountain (2003) Darren Aronofsky or, more recently, Valerian and the city of a thousand planets (2017) Luke Besson.

Other maps are visible on this map.

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