Article 1: Theory Henry, Extraordinary Amazon Prime Advisor

He is preparing to return to the edge of the lawn at State Louis-II in Monaco, making his debut on the Sky Sports Channel in the United Kingdom seven years after the end of his playing career. United This Saturday, Theory Henry will count the third day of Like 1 as part of a meeting between AS Monaco and Racing Club de Lens at 5 p.m.

To use the channel’s words “headliner”, “pillar” of the championship broadcast on the Amazon Prime video, Blues’ former striker will be part of the American company team this season, along with others: Matthew Bodmer, Vitorino Hilton, Ludovic Coolie, Corinne Boset, Benoit .

He will attend with Thibault Le Roll before the kick-off, at half time and at the end of the match. The latter enjoyed his first job meeting with a new “motivated and charismatic” colleague, he writes on Twitter. Henry will not comment on his first presentation, presented by Small Bou Batella and Jerome Alonso.

“It’s obviously interesting to share a show with one of the best strikers in the world, recognizing former PSG goalkeeper Alonso. He reveals himself fully. . “

“Not here to polish pumps”

For the first time behind the French microphone, the former Arsenal player will be attacking a team he knows well because he coached for more than a year from October 2018 to January 2019. The adventure was as beautiful as it was painful, “Jerome Alonso continues. He will not be there to shine the pumps because it’s a club he’s very fond of, but with that he has a recent complex history.”

Cooperation between the US company and Ulysses (Ezone) was born in the United Kingdom via Amazon UK. Both sides were keen to extend the experience. However, the former Arsenal star’s commitment has been suspended from possible moves related to his coaching career. Theory Henry Lig 1 will interfere on a regular basis from the edges of the field or on the shelves of magazines.

This first weekend, subscribers can see him on Sunday, at “Dimanche Sauer Football”, before the Nice-Marseille meeting of the magazine hosted by Marina Lorenzo and Felix Rua. By his side this time, another Monacask and former teammate: Ludovic Giuli.

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