Where can I find a bar in Latin America?

Visit of new sites Localization For Latin America, it offers a variety Contents For users who have missed a well-known series or movie because they missed it. But little by little it starts to get ignored and the lists are enriched by new projects. In this sense, a company will provide a successful Spanish series across the continent in its country: Parrot.

For those who like the country products of big stars like Pedro Almodovar, this is it Police play It is prosperous. Based on 10 suspense and trial episodes, the political and social thriller is canceled Theory Prototype By the Strasbourg Court in 2013. What is the main effect? The release of nearly a hundred terrorists, rapists and murderers.

When and where can I see the bar?

From 20 August, Available in the series Original +ViacomCBS’s premium service in Latin America to provide a list of products from, Paramount Pictures, Smithsonian Channel, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, CBS, PED and Showtime. In particular, this product was developed Pilar Nadal And directed by Rafael Monticinos and Gustavo Ron.


The series shows that in 2013 the Strasbourg Court overturned the Barrow Doctrine (Paramount).

Why do you want to see Barot?

One reason you watch this series is because of its excellence Distribution. If you like Spanish products, you will definitely meet some familiar faces. Its lead actress Adriana Ugarde, Protagonist Juliet Almodavar and similar projects The time between stitches Yes Chopped. Also, Javier Albala (Syndrome), Ivan Masakus (HoleBlanca Portillo (Broken hugs), Patricia Vico (One hundred years of forgivenessAnd Michael Brown (Curiosity of the Balkans)


The cast is directed by Adriana Ugarde, Javier Albale and Ivan Masaku (Paramount).

Produced by ViacomCBS International Studios, RTVE and Onza, the product was completely immersed in themes in Spain in 2013. Justice is in his hand Or post-abuse trauma. After the release of nearly 100 prisoners, the families of the victims are organizing demonstrations against such injustice. But something surprises the company: the bodies of the perpetrators appear with an anonymous note: “The sentence has been carried out”. The Investigation From the beginning to the end of this event, it will be impressive Parrot One of the Spanish series to be planned.

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