Radwan Masmoodi continues to demand US intervention in Tunisian affairs!

Radwan Masmoodi continues to demand US intervention in Tunisian affairs!

Radwan Masmoodi continues to demand US intervention in Tunisian affairs!

Radwan Masmoodi continues his crusade in support of US intervention in Tunisia. After announcing his resignation from Enta’s political office, he is now organizing an online conference to “dedicate himself to defending democracy”. Democratic crisis in Tunisia – what should the US do? .

Nahdhaoui specializes in campaigning to illuminate the image of the Islamic movement and provide strategic support for it, with many ties to American personalities. From the decisions made by the US President on July 25, Masmoudi was not stopped, the Americans called for help, so they intervened and put an end to Goswami’s company.

Ratwan Masmoodi introduced himself as the head of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CEID) in Washington, DC. When he recently announced his resignation. Throughout the discussion, he praised the “achievements” of the Islamic movement and stressed that Tunisia was the only democracy in the Arab world in 10 years. He also insists that Qasr Saeed carried out a conspiracy with the help of the military against the constitution and democratic institutions. Masmoodi also spoke about the impact on the region and internationally. The failure of democracy in Tunisia and the rise of democracy and dictatorship “For him, especially after the Taliban seized power, democracy has failed and extremism is the only way … He finally wondered if the United States should intervene to defend its new democracy in Tunisia. Danger. , He noted that this situation cannot be considered as an internal affair.

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Clearly, Radwan Masmoudi is active in persuading the United States to put more pressure on Tunisian authorities so that Enna regains power. The notion of national sovereignty seems alien when one maintains one’s party and stays in power.

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