My extraordinary life on Netflix: Fashion, Judaism and the American Dream more or less go hand in hand.

My extraordinary life on Netflix: Fashion, Judaism and the American Dream more or less go hand in hand.

It is a small electric battery mounted on a spring My extraordinary life, Reality TV Signs Netflix released on the streaming platform in mid-July 2021. Julia Hart, 50s, sits on platform pumps Gucci Vertical, long brown man and small nervous body, guides his world by magic wand. CEOElite World Team, She runs from right to left, goes to meetings, organizes a fashion show, oversees the release of the ready-to-wear collection … all without leaving her precious craftsman, Robert Brotherton, CEO with a strong tongue and a glossy style like his boss. However, My extraordinary life This is not just another reality show of a ruthless fashion world, but a novel about the rebirth of a woman who has long been locked in a strait, and today she lives the life she has always dreamed of.

Initially it was Julia Lipov

Julia Hart was not born (we will come to this), but Lipov, April 11, 1971 in Moscow. The girl was three years old when her family left Russia for Austin’s temperate climate. Texas. Julia, enrolled in a private school, is the only Jewish girl in her class up to fourth grade, when the highly religious Lipov family returns MansiIn LNew York State. This ” Place where the census is assigned (An area defined by the United States Census Bureau for statistical purposes) Haredim is the homeland of a large community, often referred to as radical Orthodox or radical Orthodox Jews. There, Julia’s life turned upside down because she believed last July Jewish Telegraph Company : “I’m always been proud to be Jewish and loved my Jewish identity. I do not know if I should be cut off from the rest of the world.”

Like Manse’s other citizens, Julia Lipo lives in a vacuum far removed from contemporary society. The most devout, Haridi community adheres to the principles of the Torah to the letter, and some of its members reject any modernity or innovation. The young woman is suffocating, but is adapting to this harsh daily life, preparing to be a good wife, and she married him at 19 years old. Joseph Handler, Five years senior. The couple has four children: Patsheva, Slomo, Miriam And Aaron, Before leaving Atlanta, Where is the caller now Talia Hendler And finds an “open-minded” Orthodox Jewish community. If we are to trust him, she is gradually freeing herself, questioning everything she has been taught, to set aside a small penny until she sells, most secretly, life insurance. But all this, My extraordinary life Not to mention, or at the very least: the life of Julia Lipov / Talia Hendler before becoming Julia Hart is not very briefly described. We know that Hardy left the community in 2013, before he started his own brand of shoes.

in it, Julia Hart (A name she chooses, it evokes her real name Lipo, which is the Hebrew word “leave”, meaning “heart” in English) It was on TV. The success of her shoe brand, which is sold in 17 countries around the world, allows her to be identified by the lingerie brand. PearlWith whom did he collaborate in 2016, before being appointed art director in the same year. In March 2019, he became CEO and Head of Client Department at Elite World Group, a media company owned by renowned model company Elite Model Management. That same year, she got married Silvio Scoglia, An Italian businessman with his wife who owns the Elite World Group under Freedom Holding.

New Life of Julia Hart

So, we found Julia Hart in nine episodes as a brave CEO, the killer of motherhood and fundamentalism My extraordinary life. At first glance, they seem to have all the boxes of an entertaining reality TV with colorful characters (consider Robert Bertton’s special note, impeccable wardrobe), great harmony and all sorts of luxuries following the scenes of crisis. Lovers Sunset sale The Hart-Scollia couple will admire the incredible penthouse in Tribeca, with its floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Hudson and its giant dressing room; Fashion lovers will enjoy the special episode Fashion Week An hour before leaving for shopping he sees an entire family migrating to a medieval castle Balmain ; Those who are more interested can discover the bottom of Monsieur.

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