When the health crisis turns American companies into pet friendly companies – the community

When the health crisis turns American companies into pet friendly companies - the community

More and more American companies want to welcome their employees ’animals.

Leave your job to find a pet friendly company

By the beginning of 2020, people around the world are being invited to stay home to prevent the spread of Covid 19. Employees had to learn to work long distances for the pleasure of animals who were able to see their animals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Shortly after the arrival of the vaccine, the staff left for their company and had to leave their four-legged comrades.

Over the months this coexistence has changed the habits of owners and animals.

According to a recent Paw.com survey of 1,000 people, 82% of respondents now want to take their pets to their workplace.

61% of them, for the company, will do it to reduce stress or deal with separation anxiety.

They even have 12% to consider leaving their job to find a more animal friendly company.

New benefits for US employees

For employees who are embarrassed at the thought of parting with their dog or cat, many American companies have decided to change their habits.

Starting with establishing a new protocol. Pumpkin Pet Insurance Management in New York has decided to create an upcoming schedule of 61 great employees.

Thus, employees were notified 6 weeks prior to the reopening of offices. Opportunity to organize your schedule to adapt smoothly to this pace change.

American companies have decided to welcome the animals of their employees. At Spike, a software monitoring company in Washington, DC, each employee can bring a maximum of two pets each Tuesday and Friday.

To maintain good health conditions, animals should be vaccinated and adapted to people and other dogs.

During various imprisonments, many Americans adopted an animal. According to ASPCA figures, 23 million households welcomed a dog or cat during a health crisis.

Faced with this number, many companies have decided to offer benefits to their employees. FindPeopleFast.net, for example, decided to offer payment time if the pet was sick or visited a veterinarian. Staff should simply provide the clinic invoice.

Animal adoption staff may also be given paid leave so that it can adapt to its new environment.

Wamis did not wait to accept the health crisis animals. If you want to take your pet to work, come and find Purina’s pets in the work program.

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