The United States announces the anti-Govt vaccine booster campaign for all at the end of September


As of the week of September 20, Americans vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna sera can receive a third injection two to eight months later.

Health officials announced Wednesday that Americans who have been vaccinated by CERA from Pfizer and Moderna will be able to get a third injection eight weeks after the second time from the week of September 20th.

Available data clearly show that protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection, justified in a joint report by senior officials, including the Director of Prevention Centers and Disease Control, is beginning to decline over time. CDC) Rochelle Walensky and United States Narcotics Agency (FDA) Janet Woodcock.

“Delta added to the dominance of variability, and we are beginning to see evidence of reduced protection against mild and moderate cases of the disease,” they add.

“We are ready to give all Americans the booster dose during the week of September 20, eight months after the second dose,” the statement from Anthony Fossie, a White House adviser on the epidemic, said. However, this decision depends on the approval of an additional dose of these two vaccines by the United States Agency Agency (FDA).

First injection in December 2020

The first to benefit from this booster dose are “pensioners”, “other seniors” and “many health professionals”, the first sections of the vaccinated population in the United States.

The first vaccination took place in the United States in December 2020, and Pfizer and Moderna’s solutions were urgently approved within a week.

Health officials say a booster dose is “probably necessary” for those who receive a single injection of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. But vaccines containing this serum have not been launched in the United States “until March 2021” and data on them are expected “in the coming weeks”. Johnson & Johnson vaccinated are a minority in the United States (approximately 14 million).

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