If you liked “Con Forever” watch 8 movies and series

Master of Thrills marked the recent collaboration between Harlon Cobain and Netflix. Available from August 13, the French series “Forever Disappeared” topped the most viewed content on the streaming platform. Adapted from the novel titled 2002, the blue-white-red show tells the story of Guilloom, who, ten years after losing two lovers, sees her life change again when her fianc disappears. Breathtaking and full of twists and turns as an original literary work, “Always Gone” has won over many subscribers. They believe a Season 2 is planned.

Movies and series adapted from Harlon Cobain’s novels to watch on Netflix

If you’ve already come to the end of five episodes of the series and you want the wonderful world of Harlon Cobain, we have what you need. Michael c. Several adaptations of American writers such as “In the Wild”, “Intimidation”, “Innocent” or “Safe” with Hall and Audrey Florot are available on Netflix. The most memorable film of 2006 was Coulom Canet’s “Ne Lay Dis Lay Dare Anyone”. Since good news does not come alone, be aware that other projects are coming. The deal with the American legend, so that fifteen of his novels were brought to the small screen …

Other equally intriguing series and films fill the stage list. Also, fans of thrillers will appreciate the “Hit & Run” and “My Friend Adele” series. As well as Olivier Marcel’s film, “The Bronx”.

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