Clint Fraser’s life is in danger

Clint Fraser's life is in danger

Since joining the Yankees, Clint Frasier has had a share in his suffering. The outfielder struggled to find time to play in the Majors, suffered a severe concussion, and when he returned, faced defensive problems so he returned to the minors.

However, last year, Frazier finally found consistency in both attack and defense, which allowed him to be regular outside the Yankees. He even received a Golden Glove for his defensive play.

However, the injuries returned in 2021, and while he was staying in rehab for the last days, he said his vision disorders and his vertigo symptoms had returned and he is now on the injured list for 60 days.

So we can expect his season to end, but unfortunately it could be even more serious in the case of Frasier. In fact, his life may have ended too.

This would be a very sad outcome for a guy who has long been seen as one of the best prospects in big league baseball. A few years ago (and the Yankees didn’t even know) I didn’t know if the long-term effects of his concussion were his problems, but beyond a game comeback I hope he doesn’t have to live with these symptoms for the rest of his life.

When asked about his player’s future, Aaron Boone was very elusive. He does not know if he will eventually be able to run again by Frasier, but he says the organization will do everything possible to help and support his rehabilitation.

Boone also says that the health status of red poppies varies greatly from day to day. He may feel better the day before the next day of severe distress.

We’ll see what Frasier’s future holds, but whether it comes back to MLP or enjoying a quality of life, I wish him the best.

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