At Tinder, you need to show off your white feet quickly

At Tinder, you need to show off your white feet quickly

You can prove your identity on Tinder. Faced with the proliferation of false accounts, The American company announced His identity can be justified to use his application. The move, which has been tested in Japan since 2019, is expected to be extended worldwide over the next few quarters. Initially on the basis of voluntary service, this measure is “exceptional”, unless required by law in some countries. However, this may be mandatory depending on user feedback.

“Identity verification is complex and intricate, which is why we use a testing and learning approach,” said Rory Cosol, Tinder’s chief security officer. Available in 190 countries, Tinder uses this feature to consider “expert recommendations, membership contributions, the most relevant documentation in each country, as well as local laws and regulations.” Rory Kozol justifies this move by offering more “security” to Tinder users.

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“We hope that all of our members around the world will see the benefits of interacting with those who have gone through our identity verification process,” he adds. Tinder claims to have developed many features in recent years to minimize anonymity as much as possible while respecting the rights of its users. The app already uses a photo verification function, in which new users take a series of poses in “selfie” mode so that the app’s algorithm can actually verify their photos.

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