River Summer: A Mediterranean oasis in London

Summer by the River

On the banks of the Thames, a series of events and makeshift establishments, with a completely revamped decor, will take you to the Mediterranean.

It is currently located between London Bridge and Tower Bridge Summer of the river London, Classification of summer events recreating Mediterranean dizziness. The event will feature traditional pizza and spirits, outdoor cinema, music games, dances and concerts organized by Jimmy Garcia at Piazza. Made in LondonThe Thames will turn big blue.

A dish of vegetables and barrada from Jimmy's pop-up
Jimmy’s Pop-Up – Instagram

The project offers a Riverside Terrace pop-up bar that recreates the summer atmosphere in the Greek islands, your glasses, from the “Southern European Flavor” setting. A Santorini archipelago in the background of the city of London for our greatest pleasure.

Greek Festive Menu
Riverside Terrace – Instagram

Summer near the river, It’s a new rarity in the Mediterranean cities, a warm atmosphere and a celebration of music, a real rarity in the gray of London. This event, for free, will end on September 30th so there is no need to hurry.

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