Michael Porter Jr. is creating controversy by dropping the top 5 of all time!

Michael Porter après son panier clutch contre les Clippers NBA

After spending a new season in the shadows, Michael Porter Jr. really exploded in the Knuckles last year. At the dawn of the confirmation campaign for him, the talented winger released the 5 best players in history for him, which angered many fans!

Behind the unbeaten Luca Tansik and Trey Young, he could end up being the 3rd best thief of the draft. He suffered a back injury when he arrived in the NBA, so Michael Porter Jr. was only selected in 15th place by the Knuckles. However, he was able to dispel doubts about his health, especially last season.

The 23-year-old winger, an outstanding accommodation writer at the Orlando bubble, has continued his pace in recent months, amassing 19.0 points and 7.3 rebounds, and 54.2% and 44.5%, respectively. Now established as Denver’s 3rd option, he listed the 5 best all-time players in his eyes on Infagram and continued to be talked about during the off-season. Or first, 4 are the best.

Mike … Gopi has a place in this. LeBron too. It’s crazy because I know I’m going to get a lot of hatred for it, but I have to put the caddy in there too.

In the presence of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant And LeBron James Not surprising to many. However, that Kevin Durant Still amazing. So the MPJ agreed to explain himself, while at the same time giving his 5th name.

If you look at Katie and all the players in our era, I think the level has improved. So I put KD in there, and Steff too.

Debtor MJ and his childhood hero Gopi include only representatives of the current generation of players, with the exception of Porter Jr. Stephen Curry As a last note. However, do not believe that he could not recognize the talent of the superstars of a time.

I like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and all the guys. I think if you put players in from now on they will dominate even more. The condition only improves. Only players improve.

An avid defender of his contemporaries, Michael Porter Jr. honors them outstanding in his Top 5. Although this accepted selection may attract some criticism.

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