Locked: When the control image becomes a breaking image


Work By the cinema canal August 17, 2021

Taken at the beginning of the health crisis, this romantic comedy by Doug Lyman is available on HBO Max in the United States and airs exclusively on CANAL + here. This funny film material takes the risk of mixing many genres, but works beautifully for the talent of Anne Hathaway and Civetel Aegeophore.

On the verge of eruption

Many couples have experienced this during the restrictions associated with Kovit-19: Sealing with your half all day is not always fun, and far from it. But the worst is: Imprisonment with a person you break up with. The situation was plagued by Linda (Anne Hathaway) and Paxton (Civetal Egiophore), who were forced to live together from morning to night when two Londoners had difficulty supporting each other before the epidemic. To make matters worse, they are both frustrated at work. Linda is in a very high position in a big fashion company, but when asked to fire employees by video conference, this woman is the last straw of the whole introspection and fears that she can no longer see herself. Dark. A glass.

Paxton’s situation is not so jealous, because after being convicted by a court many years ago, he could not find a job other than a delivery driver, and he was barred from rejoining the community. After the first act of sending pleasure on the suffocating camera that turns into a carnage game, Linda and Paxton had another crazy idea, which was shut down due to the Covit-19 saving their pair. After the prison movie, in a style unlike any other Doc Lyman movie, Locked Town suddenly turns into a good old absolutely luxurious theft movie. And Mrs. Smith (2005), a blockbuster most famous for giving birth to the relationship between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Imprisonment film, dangerous record

Regarding LOCKED DOWN, the American director who was an expert in action films – he remarkably signed the leather memoir in 2002 – was fortunately assisted by Steven Knight because the series’ creator signed on to the theatrical sequence of the film Peeky Blinders (2013). . The quality of its script does a lot for the first act, which is true to mention a few situations that many couples experience while in prison. After all, the whole fun is the challenge given by the top theme chosen by Locked Town. Most commonly, the first films based on Covid-19 and Prison were, to say the least, affected by taking their risk.

The science fiction blockbuster SONGBIRD (Adam Mason) was first launched last year, but this dystopia of the health crisis entered directly into the VOD, and it did not convince the public or critics. The same goes for French director Romult Boulanger’s thriller Connects (2020), whose visuals are based on virtual aperitifs. It should also be noted that not everyone can buy Anne Hathaway and Civetel Aegeophore as lead characters. With the rain of stars (Ben Stiller, Stephen Merchant, Ben Kingsley, Lucy Pointon), the Oscar-winning actress for LES MISÉRABLES (Tom Hooper, 2012) and the actor revealed and named 2013 in particular, the chemistry between them is only one thing we like , It will eventually compromise their characters.

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