Work on Hammersmith Bridge: The Brightness of Hope in London

Le pont de Hammersmith à Londres

The Londoners found their access to the Hammersmith Bridge Will be limited to them in 2019 Their daily lives have been greatly affected since then. The bridge is open to pedestrians and cyclists.

Despite this relief for locals who are fans of green transportation, motorized people generally do not know how to use it for their workplace or residence They have no rest. Complete alignment of the bridge, still considered dangerous, was only reported At least for 2027.

This work will generate a very high cost, which is estimated at 30 30 million, but is still subject to negotiation: fortunately, 6 million envelopes have been approved by the relevant municipal councilors as part of a new plan. “ Confirmation work .

Council announces to maintain access to the bridge for cyclists and pedestrians ” The majority work “Although the latter is to be expected” Short and planned closure periods For some stages of renewal. This compromise is made possible by temperature controls, a solution ” Short term To avoid increasing cracks in the structure.

At present, the lives of users and good access to West London are still a problem, although motor-equipped people are ordered to contribute 3 3 per repair, according to the commissioner. Transport to London (TFL) Andy Byford

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