Walmart wants to hire a cryptocurrency expert

Walmart wants to hire a cryptocurrency expert

On His websiteWalmart is an expert in cryptocurrency and is looking for an employee who will work in a field that is unprecedented for the company. While this may seem trivial, it is further evidence of the growth of digital currencies around the world.

More and more companies are showing interest in digital currencies

As a digital currency / cryptocurrency manager at Walmart, you will be responsible for developing the digital currency strategy and product roadmap. As an expert in digital currency / cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, you will direct product vision and skills roadmap. You will provide the leadership needed to identify technology and customer trends and the investments needed to use those trends “The retailer writes of its placement. The prospective employee, who must have at least ten years of experience, will be at Walmart’s head office in Bedonville, Arkansas.

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DNA Data Storage: The computer comes with the computer

The US company is following in Amazon’s footsteps, which released a similar offer in June. Moreover, other companies are looking for people who specialize in cryptocurrency; This is especially the case with Apple, PayPal or bank JPMorgan Chase, according to media reports CNBC.

In addition, major brands such as whole food and home warehouse across the Atlantic have recently begun to accept indirect payments in digital currency, i.e. through applications that convert digital money into US dollars.

Authorities are skeptical

Like many digital sectors, cryptocurrencies experienced very strong growth during the Kovit-19 epidemic. Fifty-five of the world’s 100 largest banks have invested in blockchain or cryptocurrencies.

This success need not be viewed positively by officials trying to operate around the world: while Europe wants the best invention of digital currencies, China has stepped up efforts to counter them. Similarly, two US agencies have each launched an investigation into Finance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

However, despite regulatory efforts, it seems that Bitcoins, Ethereum and others are not ready to disappear.

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